Understanding Cold Front Cooling Towel Technology

To activate the cooling action: Just dampen the towel with cool water and wring it out. Seconds later, the water begins an evaporative process that absorbs heat from your skin and provides instant relief. Since the microfiber Cold Front Cooling Towel is reusable, you can stay cool simply by repeating the process as often as necessary. 

  • The fabric is made from polyester yarn mixed with a specially developed viscose that is mechanically engineered to have micro-channels on the surface (as compared to micro fiber, which has micro test tubes and is engineered to absorb water, not for it to evaporate)

  • When the fabric is made wet, water is drawn into the micro-channels.

  • Putting the towel on your neck or other parts of your skin - the heat from your body causes the micro water droplets in the micro channels to heat up and evaporate. The evaporation of the water causes the rest of the fabric to lower in temperature - exactly the same process as evaporative cooling. The viscose in the polyester yarn drops the temperature a little more than you would expect just through evaporative cooling. The cooling effect drops the temperature of the cooling towel by around 8 - 12 degrees.

  • The effect is totally mechanical and not chemical at all

  • The effect lasts as long as the fabric is wet, and it can be restarted by wetting the fabric again. A fully wet fabric will - depending on the ambient temperature - have an effective cooling effect that lasts for between 90 minutes and 180 minutes.