FAQs about ColorFusion Towels

Q. What is it that makes your beach towels better than others?
A. Our ColorFusion beach towels are unique in the industry because of their composition. Where noted, they are made from a Turkish cotton blend. To enhance the towels, the Turkish cotton is combed. (Combed cotton is an extremely soft version of cotton made by specially treating the cotton fibers before they are spun into yarn. The extremely soft, strong material is ideal for products that come into contact against the skin. After cotton is properly combed, approximately 15% of the volume is removed, leaving behind only long, straight fibers which are even and aligned. The slivers of combed cotton are then spun into thread.) We encourage you to get a sample of our towels to see how nice they look and feel.

Q. Are your towels considered to be microfiber?
A. No, our towels are a Turkish combed cotton blend.

Q. Are the towels absorbent?
A. ColorFusion towels are extremely absorbent.

Q. What color is the back of the towel?
A. Regardless of the imprint on the front of the towel, the back of the towel will always remain white.

Q. What imprint method is used for ColorFusion on towels?
A. ColorFusion is a proprietary decorating technique and we like to keep in confidence so we aren’t imitated.

Q. Will the imprint fade when washed and how do I wash it?
A. The imprint on a ColorFusion towel is extremely colorfast and will not fade on the towel. You may wash the towels before or after using, and you may wash more than one towel at a time. We recommend washing in warm water in gentle cycle as the label instructs.

Q. How large is the imprint area?
A. The imprint area is the same size as the towel. However, you are not required to fill the imprint area. For example, if your logo is 24” x 24”, we can place it anywhere on the towel. See art requirements below.

Q. How many colors are included in the price? Do you offer PMS matching?
A. Regardless of the quantity, the price includes an unlimited number of colors. We will attempt to match your PMS color request as best as we can, but cannot guarantee a 100% match. This is why we require a pre-production proof on every order-no exceptions.

Q. What are the set up charges?
A. $75.00(v).

Q. Are pre-production samples required?
A. Yes. Pre-production samples are required so that you can approve of the logo placement and colors.

Q. What are your production times?
A. Order production time is 10-15 working days. To help assure that your order is completed on time, we will use overnight delivery to ship your proof unless specified otherwise.

Q. What are the rush charges?
A. Rush delivery and charges are assessed based on the seasonality. Please contact the factory for details.

Q. What are the artwork requirements?
A. Here is a list of what is required.

  • 100 dpi minimum.
  • For edge-to-edge decorating, your artwork should be submitted in same size ratio as towel size.
  • Artwork should allow for 1” bleed larger than the towel.
  • Any pertinent information, copy or imagery should be at least 2” inches away from hems.
  • Avoid using borders.
  • For standard designs, vector art preferred. For photographic images, jpegs with a minimum of 150 dpi are preferred.